When Can I Buy Cuban Cigars Now That Cuba Has Opened Their Embassy in Washington, D.C.?

  • July 25, 2015
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Source: Cigar Advisor
Cigar Advisor 
July 25, 2015 04:00 ET

Cigar Advisor has learned via recent news reports coming out of Washington D.C. that the new Cuban Embassy has just opened, thus strengthening ties between the United States and Cuba.

This new development is important to the cigar industry, and is lauded as a big step towards fully lifting the Cuban Embargo. Once the embargo is completely eradicated, Cuban cigars will be legally imported into the United States, and is predicted to immediately make up 25% of the market based on the high demand for these still-illegal cigars. Cigar Advisor Editor Jonathan Detore has covered this topic extensively, and his article “When Can I Buy Cuban Cigars,” covers the topic of when Cubans may become illegal, and what to watch for in terms of the market impact.

The article is an immediate response to President Barack Obama’s signing of legislation to improve relations with our island neighbor to the south in which United States citizens gained the right to import $100 worth of cigars into the U.S. upon returning from a trip to Cuba. From there, he details the impact Cuban cigars may have on the market, and even the legal impact legalizing Cubans may have on the non-Cuban cigar industry.

“Show of hands: how many people like La Gloria, Cohiba, Partagas, Macanudo, or almost any other cigar company of Cuban origin? Well, there is a possibility that you may be kissing these now-Dominican brands goodbye. Again, I’m not trying to play the downer here, but there’s a lot of judicial trademark malarkey that can undoubtedly scar the cigar industry forever,” writes Jonathan Detore.

Detore wraps up his article by optimistically pointing out the future of the cigar industry as a whole by saying “Once the embargo is lifted and legitimate distributers are established nationwide, it’s very possible we’ll have tasty Cubans to buy whenever we choose. And here’s one better: imagine a world with a cigar composed of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Cuban longfillers in the recipe! This will be a reality if the embargo is lifted. The blends will advance tremendously, with new flavor profiles that will blow our heads and palates into outer space.”

To read Jonathan Detore’s full article on this topic, click here now. For more on Cigar Advisor, articles written by Jonathan Detore, or information on Cuban cigars or U.S. – Cuban relations, visit CigarAdvisor.com


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