Who is the Mad Scientist!


Who is Mark? Well,  I wear several hats Son, Father, Husband, and  your typical guy.  But also a Master Mason. And a Past Master at that. Which makes me a Teacher to the new, a Mentor to the inexperienced and an Advisor to those in need.

When it comes to smoking cigars, I smoke alot, but also share with those around me. Because of this I have began smoking some of the more affordable cigars. after a few months, I wanted to do something to change the flavor of the cigars and looked into infusing cigars on my own.

The first attempts with flavored whiskies met with such success that I started to look for other things to infuse with.  I have reached out to several local distilleries to use their various products. Rums have been used. As well as crab boil, and liquid smoke. Coffee is the next hurdle but I already have my eye on chocolate for when this is done.

Tony has smoked all of my infusions. Several times he has smoked them before I have since I know that his palate is more subtle than my own. So I guess you can call him my lab rat.


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